Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Vodka Gummy Bears

We just had our first Superbowl party this past weekend and it was lots of fun! We had WAY too much food as to be expected, but at least I know no one went hungry. I don't think I'll be able to do a post for every single item that we made for the party but the vodka gummy bears we made were a hit to say the least! They are super simple to make and only require some planning ahead of time. They aren't harsh and are actually really sweet and of course fun to eat. There are a ton of tutorials out there on how to make vodka gummy bears so I will just give you some ingredients, step by step instructions and pictures of the results. (See a Youtube tutorial here.)

- 2-3 lbs of Haribo gummy bears (Yes, the brand is important. These gummy bears tend to keep their shape and do not disintegrate as easily as other brands. The amount of gummies will depend on how much you want to make. Buy them cheap on Amazon -- Haribo Gummi Candy Gold-Bears, 5-Pound Bag)
- 1 bottle of Smirnoff Fluffed Marshmallow vodka
- 3 cups of Stoli Vodka (over the 4 day period)
- 1 can of frozen lime juice concentrate

- large holding container with lid
- strainer
- long spoon


1. Add gummy bears to your large holding container. (I put mine in a handful at a time to make sure none of the bears are stuck together.)

2. Fill up container with the entire bottle of Smirnoff Fluffed Marshmallow vodka (the gummy bears should be completely covered).
3. Close the container and put in the refrigerator.
4. After 24 hours take the container out and stir the gummy bears around. You will see that they have absorbed much of the alcohol.
5. Add more vodka so that the gummy bears are completely submerged in vodka. (I used regular Stoli because I didn't have any more of the Smirnoff Fluffed vodka)
6. Repeat this process daily for a total of at least 4 days.
7. On the night before when you want to serve these gummies, instead of adding vodka to the gummies, add the entire can of frozen lime juice. Stir well and mix thoroughly.
8. Put in the refrigerator once again overnight.
9. Right before serving, take the gummy bears out and strain the excess liquid. (Save the liquid in a cup or bowl--it's delicious and can be drank!)
10. Serve the gummy bears in small shot glass plastic containers.



Scrappin with Stephie said...

Can I just mix the juice with Vodka and use that to soak the gummies for the week?

See Dani Bake. said...
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See Dani Bake. said...

Hey Stephanie! I personally have never done it that way, but I'm sure you could. I think the reason you wait to add the frozen juice concentrate is so the gummy bears can get nice and soft before to maybe be more absorbent? Haha. I'm kind of making that up--if you end up doing it that way let me know how they turn out!! Definitely make sure to add more and more vodka over the week because they do absorb quite a lot, and they become larger and larger in size. :)

Anonymous said...

do the bears dry out or are they served in shot glass because they are still wet. I want to just keep them in a bowl together and people can take them when they want them. Or it serving them that way not a good idea?

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